South Korea

Here my first travel through South Korea. After arriving in Seoul the next city to travel to became Danyang. The village Danyang was chosen because of its magnificent location between the mountains and near the river. Because it is less touristic this makes it an extremely beautiful place to hike, get into caves and para glide.

Continuing on the Jungang railway line, Andong was the next city to visit. Andong offers the modern and the historic with the Hahoe Folk village as the main touristic place to visit.. However Andong Offers more then that.. read and be surprised..

Next city to arrive became the city Gyeongju. Gyeongju is a beautiful trip through time. Larger then Andong and Danyang. The area of Gyeongju offers many diversity of places to visit. The tombes, Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto are main attractions on many tourists list. However the Gyeongju expo can be surprising too. Another icon near Gyengju is Yangdong Cultural village. However there is so much more a few days gives you time to only experience a fraction of the area.

After Gyeongju next stop was to Busan. The city Busan has not only the airport and harbor to Jeju island. Busan is the 2nd largest city in Korea. Being stretched between the mountains it can take a bit of time to travel from to place to the other.. The Busan Market is outstanding the other markets in Korea..

Next was hopping by aircraft from Busan to the famous Jeju Island. With only 45 minutes of travel Jeju island is maybe the biggest attraction in Korea.. This can also be recognized as Jeju airport handles the most domestic flights of all airports in the world. Mount Hallasan and Udo island are its main attractions.

From Jeju island the choice was made to for the west side story. Taking the Ferry from Jeju city to Mokpo. Mokpo has been fading away on the tourist agenda. However Mokpo excites with the mount Yudalsan trekking and the hundreds of islands to visit close in range..

Another by tourists forgotten city in Korea is Gyeryong. The few people that visit Gyeryong are presented with an amazingly challenging area to hike. As Gyeryong is of the tourist track you have the luxury to go trekking without being overcrowded by tourists.. It is an excellent location to remain for a day or two..

Heading back to Seoul for spending the last 4 remaining days of my stay in Korea. Going off the casual touristic track the Seoul Zoo was visited and hiking at the south side of Seoul river.. Of course the Namsang Park and some palaces could not be skipped.. Being 4 days in Seoul it was just possible to enjoy only a fraction of the cities pearls

Whatever the world situation brings today, I am happy to been able to visit south Korea. Before going there I wasn’t certain what to expect. The Country offers much more then sight seeing, hiking and history. This is because of the people living there and its beautiful geographic location. Every place I visited in Korea I have met the most fantastic and helpful people. Enjoyed delicious Korean food and most of all experienced true friendship on Mount Hallasan.

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