South Korea Spending a day at the Seoul Zoo

When you spend some days in Seoul, doing some research can bring you a wide range of ideas to how spend your time there. When you prefer the casual touristic places the its usually easy to get some quick information at your guesthouse. However when you wish to experience more from this amazing city, it is smart to dig a little bit deeper in its opportunities.

The local tourist office or a backpackers guide at your side is a excellent way to enrich your knowledge about Seoul. Going of the casual track and to do something different for a day then the Seoul Zoo is a great choice. There are many zoo’s in the world, so what is special about the Seoul Zoo? And How to get there?

The Seoul zoo is located on the edge of the city just outside the high populated are and near the Seoul Race Course Park. Easiest way to get there is taking Metro line 4 in direction of Oido and exit at Seoul Grand Park station (Station No 437). When exiting at the metro station it is only a short walk to the Seoul Grand Park. Here you will find several activities to do. At the Seoul Grand Park you will find the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Theme garden, Botanical garden and Seoul Zoo. The Seoul zoo is usually opened every day of the year.

At the main gate you can choose to walk towards the Soul Zoo, Seoul Botanical garden and Theme Garden or take a cable car ride. Seoul Theme Garden is an amusement park. You can buy tickets for a combination of these activities or choose one individually. Taking the Cable car ride towards the main ticket office brings you a fantastic view across the lake and mountains. With the stone bridge next to you you pass over the Children’s zoo.

After buying a ticket at the office the pleasant atmosphere of the zoo welcomes you. The Seoul zoo is large which makes it pleasant to walk through it. It has wide lanes with clear directions where to find what. This means t doesn’t feel too crowded. Amusing is also the design of the park with its colorful statues of animals. Even the alligator statue has a smile, all this is part of a successful creating a warm welcome atmosphere.

The animals places to stay are excellently combined with the botanic architecture in the zoo. Therefore it it pleasant to walk from one place to another to enjoy viewing some animals. Meanwhile during your walk through the zoo you are being entertained by shows, food stand nature and especially the animals.

Some fantastic moments where the kangaroos sitting near the tree, just as being in a discussion. The small water animals house is beautifully decorated giving a jungle atmosphere. Amazing was the turtle when looking towards the visitors some other water animals are the seals from various countries and dolphins. Most of the seals enjoyed their afternoon nap still can make some magnificent photo’s as there is an open view. The otters entertain at all time being busy with swimming and diving into the water..

When approaching the large birds house you easy spot the colorful statue of the birds inviting you to the main entrance. Inside the birds house it is tropical warm, naturally the comfortable temperature for the birds. The Parrots nicely included in the collection seem to keep a curious eye on the people passing. Another beautiful experience in the birds house is the area where the small birds are flying around you.

Bringing some ear protection is a good idea as the many birds can whistle quite loud and some moments all together. However it is also the charm of this part of the building, that you can experience being close to the tropical birds. Especially when the are flying closely over your head. Somehow you automatically get the idea one of them might drop something smelly on your head.. Exiting this part of the exhibition bring you to the part where larger birds are flying around. Another amazing experience when the is no physical fence between them, beautiful to view. However it remains important to follow the recommended safety instructions.

Some other interesting animals to see where the wolf near the hill side, close to another interesting part of the zoo the reptile and aquarium animals. Entering the glass dome you can circle up and cross a bridge. A beautiful designed area with topical plants included makes it a pleasure to watch the animals here. The crocodile can be viewed from above. It seemed to have its attention on the public, this silent pose gave the opportunity to make some excellent snapshots. Though also it is impressive how they keep the freeze position, while knowing they respond as quick as a flashlight when they have to. The beaver couple just had their swim and seemed to retire for the day.. Inside and outside the is so much to discover and enjoy..

Seoul Zoo has many different kind of animals and shows to admire. My page here just tells you about a fraction of the things yo enjoy. The best way to experience it is to visit it yourself. When you have time left after visiting the zoo, remember the Botanic’s park and the Seoul Theme garden are there to fill the rest of your time. As this was almost the last day in Seoul and South Korea, it was wonderful to enjoy the time at the zoo.

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