Pre-Rup Temple

Cambodia Experience the Sunset at Pre-Rup Temple

Famous as one of the most impressive monuments at Angkor, Pre-Rup temple is even more impressive when you go there to enjoy the sunset until dark. This temple was build by Rajendravarman and consecrated to Shiva around 962. Translated to common English Pre-Rup means “Turning the body”” Being at this temple during sunset does move your feelings in a positive way.

Approaching Pre-Rup temple from the road, you can easily recognize the similar pattern that most ancient Khmer temples follow. Serving as a miniature symbolic representation of the mythological Hindu Cosmos. At the heart of each temple the central sanctuary tower or towers. Usually 5 towers are positioned as the number 5 dots on a dice. This group of towers are usually enclosed by other constructions.

We arrived at Pre-Rup temple an hour before the sun sets. Time enough to walk around this site and admire its combination with the beautiful area around it. During the first meters walking you can enjoy dreaming how has been a Thousand years ago. Already at some distance from the temple, while dooming up through the trees, Pre-Rup possesses you with its magnetic attraction. Fortunately his possession is a pleasant one…

As we are walking around the 1st enclosing wall, we enter the site through the east gate.. In front of the east gate there was place for the construction of 6 towers, however only 5 of them where completed. Pre-Rup and Angkor Wat are called State Temples, because of the great pyramid style in which they are constructed. Most of Angkor’s famous monuments and temples are build in this style.

After passing the enclosing wall the cistern is in front of you with a library on the left and right of you. Part of the constructions are showing their decay during passing of ages. Still its magnificent presence remains and impresses with every step you take.. At Pre-Rup there are several spots where you can make your way up to the top floor of the temple and back down again..

With temperature being almost 40*c we made the choice to use the wooden “tourist stairs” upwards. Reaching the top platform two lions, one on each side of you, show up at this entrance. At the top floor you can make your way around the 5 towers and observe them closely. This Larger Center Tower has incredible beautiful engraved doors which are locked for public. Left and right from the door soldiers are engraved in the tower walls too, as protecting unwanted people from entering. They are accompanied by lions in front of them on each side of the stairs up to the door.

As the sun is beginning slowly to set, tourists are now arriving more and more. When the sun moves lower, the changing color of the sun-rays play around at the sides of the towers. When approaching Pre-Rup already was impressive, this moment the magic of the majestic temple becomes overwhelming. Making another trip around the main tower, the color pallet presented to you makes you speechless. Now the perfect time to admire this site at its best and record this moment for yourself with carefully making your pictures.

After this gather around at the edge of the top platform. When on time before the large group of visitors arrive, the perfect spot on the edge is easily found. Relax while sitting on the platform edge with the view of the sun going down. As the sun rays are hitting treetops, they keep changing the colors of the sky and the one around the Pre-Rup temple. Should be great to stay till sunrise and listen to the sounds of the night..

The darker it becomes the more the temple and the area are changing their appearance. When turning around the opposite side still everything looks remarkably clear, so no worries climbing down the blocks at the wall or using the stairs. Temperature is somewhat cooler now and it is more easy making your way down then up..

Going down at the north site of Pre-Rup you can still spot the lion statues at the first enclosing wall. The brightness of the hot sun is gone now and it makes this side even more attractive to get some photos. Time to head back to the tuck-tuck and make our way to eat a delicious Cambodian dinner. Another amazing day here ends, tomorrow will be a new beginning..

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