South Korea Mokpo Mount Yudalsan Trekking Part 2

Trekking on Mount Yudalsan in Mokpo gives lots of inspiration… Being inspired by the first day of trekking on Mount Yudalsan, there was motivation enough to add another trip there. The day before there was no time for trekking the part from west of the Cable car station to the sea. This part of the mountain is not wide however it is long stretched. There are several points to access this part of the mountainside. These avoid making a long Trekking tour again. One access point is the at the end near the sea. Another access point is close to the Cable car station.

The main entrance is also a great place to start the tour for this part of trekking, especially if you wish to obtain a map op the mountain. On this second day of trekking the start point of choice was a free entrance near the Modern Art Park. The places of interest on Mount Yudalsan are noted by a figure on the map. Maps are placed on the trekking routes so its easy to evaluate your position.

The Modern Art Park is P.O.I no 21. On trekking day 1 the Art park was reached near the end of the day. So from there, because of time, the trip was followed on the main track. However on this 2nd day of trekking the opportunity was there to go from The art park to the center of the mountain. From the center of the mountain the trek continued to the cable car station. This route started a few looks at the art park. Quickly went off the main route to the mountain peak.

Trekking this route there is some small cave in the mountainside. Curiosity made the decision to enter the small cave. There is no light in the cave and soon after entering the cave had to bend to follow it to the end. Though it certainly isn’t a spectacular long cave to view, it is fun to do. Should you encounter this cave, its quite easy to go in and take a look at the end.

After crossing the Yudalsan mountain peaks it is only a short hike to the Cable car station. Going around it it is only about 120 meters down to to the Point of interest (25) a kind of mini village in Mokpo. At this place is the access point for trekking Mount Yudalsan tail. Though the main map shows only 1 main trekking route there a a few other paths starting at the Mini village. For trekking towards the end of the mountain near sea area, the main trekking route was taken.

This trekking route goes steep up, at some point ropes where added as a help to pull yourself up some rocks. At one of the highest points there is a memorial inside the mountain peak. Though not very large it is high enough to stand and nice to take a look.. while trekking on Mount Yudalsan tail you pass some great view points. Some offer a magnificent view over the bay with some islands adding to this magnificent the view. Also the Route gives great views at the radio station and Mokpo’s port with bridges.

Some parts of this trekking route are easy and some moments steep and rocky or sandy.. Near the end of the route a turn right was made and continued the trek back on an alternative route. The alternative route offered a more Forest feeling. While on the main route the view was very open, the alternative route added its vegetation as a bonus. The route back was followed till the mini village (25) was reached. From there a turn right was made to point of interest 26, the waterfall.

The Mount Yudalsan waterfall has several great viewpoints. It has the opportunity to pass it across the wooden bridge build on a stone wall. However the bridge is a bit distant from the waterfall. When walking towards the waterfall the wooden stars guide you to a wooden bench to sit and rest. The waterfall ca be reached very close. when the water level is low the rocky path can bring you close, in front of the waterfall. Naturally be aware to follow safety regulations. Facing the Waterfall backwards a great view towards the stone wall and wooden bridge with its pond adds something magical.

From the waterfall continuing to the next viewpoint a temple (27) the trekking route is very steep with a rope fence to prevent you from falling. It leads you back to the streets where the temple is located. Is is really a great part to trek up and down.. From the temple you can continue to the main entrance and choose some other parts of Mount Yudalsan to trek. As for me I ended my 2nd day of Mount Yudalsan trekking here as the rest of mountain was already covered..

Certainly I will trek this mountain again on my next visit to Mokpo.. As the day ended it was time for dinner and prepare for my trip to Gyeryong

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