When mentioning the country Laos to other travelers, usually there are 2 responses. First response, They enjoyed it and want to travel back there. The second response, they wasn’t there yet, however its one their wish list as one of the most desires places to visit. Though Laos was known for me by media and history, talking with other travelers moved Laos to a higher position on my travel wish list. With the limited time of only a few weeks available the decision was made to go for the north-west part of the country and travel down back to Vientiane.

First arrived in Laos capital city Vientiane. However only spend one night here as next day would travel to Luang Namtha. With the knowledge that I would spend some days here in Vientiane before heading back. Therefore I did the most of my tours in Vientiane at my last days of stay. Especially doing some cycling here as it is an easy transport through the city. Besides discovering the center of Vientiane, the cities Chao Anouvong Park, there many excursions offered that go outside the city. The Raysone Memorial Museum was a main event on my list. When having the interest in this countries history and people the Kaysone Memorial Museum is one best places to go to in Vientiane.

Located in the far north of Laos the town Luang Namtha is less visited by casual tourists. However it remains a favorite for backpackers that wish to avoid the crowds. Luang Namtha has borders with Myanmar “Shan state” in the north west and China in the north.. Renting a motorbike here is a real pleasure. This way can easily transport through the area comfortably. The area of Luang namtha has the beautiful Namha National Bio Diversity. A Botanic heaven. A beautiful place for to Trekking However can only do organized. Also there some trekkings that you can do yourself for instance trekking to the Namdee Waterfall. After 4 days of stay in Luang Namtha, the city Luang Prabang was the next stop.

Traveling with the bus in in Laos city Luang Prabang was an unforgettable trip. One of the main reasons to visit Luang Prabang was going on a trip across the Mekong river. Luang Prabang probably has more tourists then citizens. However the Mekong river has remained its beauty though lots of electricity dams are build there. The city has very bursting night market. Also its easy to avoid the crowed when taking the ferry across the river and go for a hiking tour there close to the Mekong river. Other great hikes are near the Nam Khan river. Naturally the usual large amount of restaurants surround the inner city museums.

The city Vang Vien is know for is know for many different reasons. For backpackers it offers some amazing places to hike. Up mountain, to the waterfall or enter the caves. Its all there… Other tourists enjoy the active possibilities as Kano trips in the Nam Song river, delta wing flying, Quad driving, para gliding. Vang Vieng has a mix of heaving something for everyone.. what ever the taste Vang Vien offers remaining in a beautiful area where you can enjoy the sunset realizing the day is not over yet..

More in detail about Laos on my other posts and pages… Enjoy reading and follow the path of the Mekong river ….

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