Myanmar Mandalay Division

Mandalay, A voyage through a Kings Land… Part I

Already up early morning up for breakfast at 6.30… After packing we move downstairs, checking out, with saying bye to the people of reception that where so kind and helpful during my stay.. Time to go on the way to Myitkyina airport on the backseat of the motorbike… It is only 15 minutes to airport, this way can experience the last moments in Myitkyina… Arranged the domestic flight with Yangon Airways Check-in should be at 8 in morning.. Check-in goes very quick with the people at the airport being very helpful for which i am grateful… Boarding and there we go up into the clouds with the last views of Kachin State..

About one and half hour later we arrive at Mandalay International airport… There a taxi service being the fastest way to the city. Mandalay city is bustling with activity, with a temperature of 38*C at arrival. Mandalay is located in the center of Mandalay division… There are many affordable places to stay, mine i booked online few days before departure from Myitkyina. The guesthouse i choose was the Mandalay Fortune Hotel… Mandalay is a very different city from Myitkyina, many tourists come here for the places as Pwin oo Lwin, Ubin bridge, Armapura the city of Immortality, Mandalay Palace, Mandalay Hill and the many other inspiring places as Kuthodaw Pagoda that Mandalay has to offer..

A taxi ride by moto or car is easy to arrange. Already on my firsts steps through the city, 7 times within half a minute, drivers asked if i needed a taxi. However hostels have bicycles for rent. In Mandalay it is easy to drive a bicycle… Arriving back at Fortune Hotel in Mandalay its time for a refreshing shower.. The owner of the hotel knows some good places to eat traditional Myanmar food and only few minutes walk from the hotel.. For me just taking a walk and stretching the legs at my first minutes in this city…

The traditional Myanmar food restaurant is excellent… Polite open staff and excellent service… A very wide range of choice on the menu. With meeting people and sharing a lot of thoughts the evening passes quickly… Ready for an early sleep with the air conditioning on, to keep the room cool… The next day I’m ready for an early walk to the north of the city, The Mandalay palace and Mandalay Hill area.. The temperatures in Morning and evening are the best comfortable… Though there are many places to eat or buy something drink, it is everything except a luxury to take several bottles of water with you… During the walk i have a good conversation with one of the many taxi drivers that are offering their service… Mandalay division has a lot to offer planning to stay one or two days here is too short to experience that what this area has to show you…

With the Taxi day service one of the places is Kuthodaw Pagoda. Kuthodaw Pagoda is also known as the place to visit the 729 stupas that contain the world’s largest book… It is free to enter and visit… Every stupa has a book page inside it… To read it you should know this language… It feels fantastic to be here at one of the world wonders… Fortunately the Myanmar people are making restorations at this impressive place… Inside the pagoda you can see the 3d model (Marquette) of this Pagoda… Mindon Min had the pagoda built in 1857. Construction of the Tipitaka set in stone began in 1860. These inscriptions were opened for the public in 1868.

Close to the Kuthodaw pagoda You can find the Sandamuni Pagoda built 1874. Sandamuni pagoda contains the largest iron Buddha. Also it contains 758 Dhamma Ceti shrines and 1774 inscription Stones.. It has similarities with the closely Kuthodaw pagoda… The large number of beautiful white stupas on the grounds contain the writings in stones. It makes this place really impressive too… It is a tremendous feeling to walk between the stupa’s and go inside to see the book pages… The golden Pagoda in the center marks this amazing spot… As in 1991 they began a renovation campaign, the Sandamuni Pagoda is now in a good state.

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