South Korea Cycling around Udo island adventures and discoveries.

Udo island is the little sister of Jeju island. Though small by its size it has plenty of beauty and activity to offer. Udo island it is very easy to explore by e-bike, scooter or buggy. However you can also choose for the 16 kilometer hiking Udo Olle trail if you prefer exploring by foot. When hiking the island is your favorite choice, keep an eye on the time for the last ferry. You could become one of the people that have to spend a night on the island, because the last ferry has already departed. 😉 .

Travelling to Udo Island is easy. From Jeju city bus terminal it is a one hour bus trip to Seongsan. The bus last stop is near the ferry terminal. From the bust stop Its only a few minutes walk to the ferry terminal. The ferry terminal can be a very busy place. Many people travel to Udo in weekend to spend a day there. At the ferry terminal you can buy 2 single trip tickets one to Udo and one back to Seongsan. Its only a 10 minute trip by ferry to Udo Island. Arriving at beautiful Udo you are already a minute walk from the bicycle and scooter/buggy rental shops.

Udo’s port small though very active already offers some of most beautiful sights when walking to east or west. Looking to the east from the port its easy to spot the famous Top of Udo Peak where you find the Udo Light house. When walking east along the seaside you have an impressive rocky coast next to you. Continuing on the road it is an exciting trip hill upwards to the Udo lighthouse. Heading the way up hill there is a spectacular view over the sea towards Seonsang and also over Udo island itself.

Besides the hiking we also took the opportunity to discover Udo by e-bike. By e-bike is an easy way to go around Udo in 3 or 4 hours if you not in a hurry. Going around the island by e-bike is also fantastic as you can take some routes across the island that are to small by buggy. From Mang hill we cycled to Biyang-dong. Parking the bicycle for free you not have to worry it will be stolen. Fom the parking place it is only a few steps to Biyang-dong with its beautiful rocky coastline and a small beach. Going down by stairs at the beach there is the opportunity for hop on the rafting boat. The raft remains near the coast line while heading up the waves and with that give some thrill and excitement.

At Biyang-dong we also noticed the possibility to get some sweet refreshments and taste Delicious ice cream. After that walking along the coastline of hagusu-dong beach. Though most part of the coast line there is rocky it brings the opportunity to make some fantastic pictures of the waves bouncing into the rocks. Between the rocks you find some small flora and fauna if your look carefully. Udo is surprising in way of being such a rich source of beauty and diversity. It is easy to notice this when cycling through the center of the island.

In center of Udo island there are some small villages where houses have stone rock walls used as a fence. This brings harmony in the landscape of Udo, as everything looks natural and timeless. Most is islands center is agricultural, however there is enough to spot for the true botanist eye. When cycling across Udo’s center of the island there is always a view at the see. The small roads offer an excellent and high diversity of unofficial view points to make some of the best photos. The island could be seen as a miniaturization of Scotland. With the advantage it takes less time to travel across it and it rains a lot less at Udo.

When you desire getting some more information about Udo’s culture and history, there is the Udo museum in the center of the island. The area is called Jugang-dong. A post office is across the museum, also a NH Bank and the Green Mart are there walking left leaving the museum.. Udo island is a kind of a place that can be seen in a few hours or can take lots of your time. Depending on time one wishes to spend here you can select your way of travel across here. Best way is to go hiking and be inspired to the maximum. The e-bike is the second best option with enjoying the islands beauty for full.

Two other fantastic places to visit near Udo’s coast line are Dapdani tower which is near Jeongheul-dong. You will also pass this when following the Udo Olle walking trail. The Udo Olle trail guides you around the best tourist attractions and scenic views of the island. However it can be rewarding if you leave the trail to visit the Udo museum.

Last however the most amazing beach area at Udo is Hongjodangoe Haebin. The amazing Hongjodangoe Haebin beach has its beautiful white coral sandy beach. With the blue sea included this gives you the impression being at an tropical island. Only the palm trees are missing. Hongjodangoe Haebin beach is 2.2 kilometers distance from the harbour only 10 minutes easy cycling.

The white coral sand at the beach, in contrast with the blue sea water and Mount Hallasan at the background the view is stunning. Its pleasant to enjoy the water at your feet. Hongjodangoe Haebin is also the best place to visit a restaurant and have your lunch or early dinner. Especially if that stunning view seduces your appitite. Being early December there was still had a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius.

After a rewarding and inspiring day at Udo it was heading back from Udo island with the ferry to Seongsan. In the 10 minute voyage to Seongsan can catch the last views of a small place with big memories. However a day has not ended before going to sleep. Even walking from ferry terminal to the bus for Jeju city can bring some unexpected and pleasant surprises. Probably the magic touch of Jeju island.. Always grateful for every gift :)..

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