Kaeng Yui waterfall Laos

Laos Vang Vien Cycling around and hiking to Kaeng Yui waterfall

The new reborn Vang Vien is becoming a real activity center with everything to offer. In previous post described the day of trekking with Natural caves and climbing. Vang Vien is also a fantastic area to travel my motorbike or bicycle.. It has also one of the nicest waterfalls in the area, Named the Kaeng Yui waterfall.

There are several places in Vang Vien where you can rent a bicycle. There are different types of bicycles to choose from, depending on the trip you wish to make. For the area around here renting a mountain bike is an outcome. When going off the main road many side roads are dirt roads or gravel. Another reason for choosing a mountain bike are the hills you usually will have to climb on your trip.

After renting the Mountain bike the course was set to the east of the town, towards the old airstrip near the main road. Besides cycling the main goal was to visit the Kaeng Nyui waterfall. When crossing the main road (route 13) at the airstrip the signs point the direction to the waterfall. The route to follow is the bumpy and dusty dirt road eastwards, mainly in the uncovered open area.

Quite soon after that you will be out of town and cycling in the open area. The first 2 kilometres are quite straight and easy to cycle.. the dirt road slightly elevates upwards after about 2 kilometres the dirt road continues with slight curves towards the mountains. Halfway the trip the road turns north-east and leads through a small village.

This village has a few side streets though, besides the activities near the main road, there is not so much to see. After leaving the village the road elevates somewhat more upwards, during the trip with a bit steep at some points. After a total trip of 7 kilometres with mountain side on your left side and the open area on the right you will arrive at a small bridge across the stream.

From there is is about 110 meters down hill to the entrance point of Kaeng Yui waterfall. Arriving at the entrance point you can park the bicycle or moped. The entrance fee is about 10.000 Kip, included a bottle of water. The stalls at the entrance sell cooled and not cooled drinks, it is an excellent moment you rest a few minutes and cool down or go to the toilet. After that start the hike to the Kaeng Yui waterfall. Fortunately the path leading to the waterfall is mostly covered from direct sunlight.

Hiking upwards quickly you arrive at the first stream, a nice and beautiful place with rocks in the water. Here can wash the feet if you wish. Also here is a wooden foot bridge across the stream. After crossing the bridge you arrive at the stairs going upwards. The climb continues upwards some moments by stairs up or just the path that leads the way.

The are several small streams crossing your path. At some of the streams the older foot bridges are collapsed. However the footbridges leading to the Kaeng Yui waterfall are safe to cross. Hiking this route is really fantastic with enough diversity on you way up. At some moments you already have a
fantastic views of the 30 meters high waterfall.

The path with its elevation combined with slow and sharp curves is a pleasure to follow. Small wooden bridges, small lakes at your side entertain you when making your way up hill. Close near the waterfall there are several steep stairs that go upwards to climb. At this part of the hike there are several viewpoints too.

These viewpoints offer you that amazing breath taking view of the Kaeng Yui waterfall. The water at the fall drops down 30 meters between the trees into a small shallow pond. At the pond on the foot of the Kaeng Yui waterfall is very romantically beautiful with its hanging trees. Another fantastic issue is that this place is usually very quit most of the year. It can give you the feeling being alone at this wonderful treasure.

When you bring you swimming gear you can walk into the pond towards the fall. Just step under the waterfall and have the fantastic experience of the water dropping and flowing over you. When looking upwards you can experience the spreading water drops forming a fog above your head. This spectacle together with the breaking of the sunlight through the water drops is stunning…

Kaeng Yui waterfall is certainly one of the most beautiful places in this area. Its worth you take your time when you are there especially when there are no or almost no other visitors.. The hike back to the entrance is the same route as you came. The older plank route above ground through the trees is closed. After having some refreshment at the entrance it was time to continue the cycling trip..

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