Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges Singapore part 1

The Southern Ridges Trail of Miracles… Part 1

Going for a different kind of discovery hike in Singapore this time… We made the choice to hike at the Southern Ridges The Southern Ridges is an unique combination of parks and trails… The Parts of the Southern ridges are Kent Ridge park, Hortpark, Canopy walk, Telok Blangah park and Mount Faber park…   You can walk them in parts or in one go… Total distance of the full trail is over 10 kilometers… There are several different entrances to start or restart your trip

We start our adventure through the first park at the entrance of Reflections of Bukit Chandu Bukit Chandu is one of last remaining bungalows in Singapore… Its build at the turn of 19th-20th century for British senior officers… One of last stands in battle in 1942… Now it is a museum covering the story about defense of Singapore in WWII… Bukit Chandu has a small beautiful garden where you can spot people making paintings of this remarkable place… We take the exit at the garden…

On this hill just across the street the beginning of the Canopy Walk is there… The Canopy Walk is a 280 meters long board walk that links the back of Hort Park with Kent Ridge Park… The Canopy has some left and right turns between the trees… Walking there we see an amazing landscape with trees, the high Singapore buildings decorating the background… Looking down in the valley we spot a plant and tree nursery… With perfect finesse it matches into the picture…

Reaching the end of the canopy walk we arrive at the rear entrance of Kent Park… We notice a place to sit and shelter from the starting rain… Expecting it will rain not too long it is a good place to sit for lunch… After 30 minutes it becomes dry again, so we continue on the left asphalt lane through Kent Park… This park seems to be a favorite place for skeeters and skateboard… We spot some groups of them enjoying their time here… Going up hill we get the next rest and shelter place in sight.. It is also a great place to take some pictures of the amazing view you get across the harbor

Walking downstairs we exit Kent ridge park… It is the front side of the park with the parking place and also the restrooms… A vending machine with cold drinks next to it for the thirsty ones… The paved footpath continues to the end of the island… It is a trail you can take if you want to see the seaside… We turn back to Kent Ridge Park as we want to visit the Hort Park exhibition.. In front of the Kent Ridge park seated in a flower garden an old cable car which is now a memorial…

At the park entrance the info tells us about the kinds of species small animals live here… Take the trail on the other side we reach the Canopy walk again.. This time we take the path below it… We spot some squirrels now running into the trees, fantastic to see them… The path through the trees ends in the open… Here it turns into a zigzag path downwards through the beautiful lane of trees is leading us to exhibition at Hort Park

How to get there: Nearest MRT, Labrador MRT
Entrance is free

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