Kaysone Memorial Museum

Laos Vientiane Cycling tour to Kaysone Memorial Museum

For most travelers to Laos, Vientiane is the main city for arrival into this country. Arriving at the Vientiane Wattay airport it is easy to take a taxi, bus or tuck-tuck to your guesthouse towards the city center. In the city there are plenty of ATM’s where you can withdraw local currency. It is easy to find different ways and tours to explore this beautiful city and area inside and around it..

During the 3 days of stay in Vientiane The main way of exploring was by bicycle and hiking.. With one day of hiking across Vientiane city and river, the other day went by bicycle towards the Kaysone Memorial Museum. From the PVO Hostel renting a bicycle was easy and comfortable. Heading of from Rue Pangkham with bicycle early in the morning.. The distance to Kaysone Memorial Museum is about 6 kilometres cycling uphill from downtown Vientiane.

The local temperature for cycling in the morning is pleasant. As the cycling tour is upwards the hill it is recommended to visit the Kaysone Memorial Museum early in the morning. Another reason is that the museum is usually closed in the afternoon. Cycling your way towards the museum is very easy, just follow your way up across the Avenue Lane Xang. Depending on your speed you should reach the museum in 30 to 45 minutes..

The Kaysone Memorial Museum lies on the edge of Vientiane, the formerly know as the American “ Six Klicks City”. Though the museum is seldom the first choice to visit on the western tourist list, it is very positively surprising and informative. Located on the left side of Avenue Kaysone Phomvihane, it is easy to spot. You can park the bicycle or moped inside at the entrance gate near the guards office.

Kaysone Memorial Museum impresses with the huge statue of Kaysone in front of the museum, however also with the statues located on the left and right of the Kaysone statue. These statues express the different classes of the people in the new Laos after the war.. Kaysone led the thirty year struggle for Independence for Laos and its people.

Inside the beautiful museum it is forbidden to photograph. The exhibition is extremely well set with a very helpful and friendly staff. The exhibition offers you detailed historical information about its part as a base during Vietnam war, its struggle for independence from the French rulers. Inside the Museums climate controlled area the impressive exhibition catches the heart by showing in details the Lao side of the story of its struggle for Independence.

Heading back to downtown Vientiane the first place to visit was “Nong Sa Phang Lenh Park”. It is located at Rue Nongbone, which you can spot on the left at the roundabout near Loa People’s Army Museum. At this area you find the huge Buddhist temple with its War dead monument, some coffee shops, restaurants and the Wat Tai Buddhist temple. Its is a excellent spot to spend some time and enjoy your lunch..

Cycling towards downtown Vientiane at the end of Avenue Lane Xang you find “Patuxay Park” with its famous and impressive war Monument. Majestic and surrounded by fountains you find the Los Arch of triumph here.. The monument has gateways on four sides oriented towards the four cardinal directions. It is dedicated to the memory of the Lao soldiers who died during World War II and the independence war from France in 1949.

In front of each gate there is a pond. They represent the open section of a lotus flower, dedicated to the brave warriors of the nation. Also the gateways are adorned by statues of a Naga King. Heading back at the end of the afternoon it was time for a delicious Lao dinner.. and prepare for the evening…

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