South Korea Andong Activities in City and Area

The city Andong is located in Gyeongsang region south east from Seoul. From Seoul it will take about 3 hours and 20 Minutes traveling by train. If you travel from Danyang it will take 1 hour and 15 minutes by train. The Andong Train station is located in the center of the city. Andong is becoming more popular destination for foreign tourists. In the city there are many Guesthouses to stay, with excellent accommodation. Also near the Andong bus terminal you can find some excellent guesthouses.

The town center has a modern shopping center with many places to eat. The Korean cuisine is delicious. Usually for about 8.000 to 10.000 Wong you can have a delicious lunch or dinner. You can also choose for western food if you wish.

If you desire to walk though Andong you can visit some interesting places as the Traditional Culture Contents Museum, Andong Theatre, There are a few temples and religious places. They are very easy to find if you have the local map and follow the signs. In downtown Andong the Traditional Market food market is a nice place to take a visit.

There are also some interesting places to visit just outside Andong. You can reach them by bus or better go hiking if you prefer. You cross the bridge by foot at Gyeongdong-ro. There is a separate walk and cycle path next to the bridge. From here you can go left and go to the Plank road. Or you can go right and hike your way along the riverside.

If you walk along the riverside you arrive at the beautiful artistic park located near the riverside. From there you can go back to the city again. If you use plank road you walk along the river with the forest next to you. Walking the plank road you can go to the Andong Dam, and continue to Yongsang-dong road, Sunseong County temple and Andong Folk village Museum. Crossing the bridge there across the rives is amazing.

Hahoe Folk Village is one of many fantastic places to visit. Buy bus it takes you only 40 minutes to arrive at Hahoe Folk Village. It is marked as an Unesco World heritage. Read more about is on our Hahoe Folk Village page.

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