Laos Vang Vien the center of activities

Vang Vien is becoming the new epic center of adventurous activity in Laos. The town Vang Vien offers a huge different range of activities in its area. The town has a unique location between the mountains and at the Nam Sang river. The town is located north of Vientiane, about 4 hours travel with bus from Vientiane.

These are some of the issues that makes it a fantastic spot for you as a base of activities. However there is much more then this at Vang Vien. The town has a diversity of natural caves to which you can hike or take a guided tour. Some of the caves are very touristic while others are almost untouched and of the common tourist track.

When you enjoy cycling or hiking Vang Vien has more then enough spots to trigger your mind and soul. One of these spots is the area around the Kaeng Yui waterfall. Where in many seasons you just one of the few people visiting this remarkable place. Sunrise and sunsets have an extra romantic touch here. You can step into the shallow water and position yourself under the waterfall..

Not only on land, but also on the river Vang Vien has its amusement. Swimming, hire a Kano or go by boat trip to explore the ends and edges of the Nam Sang river. When this is all to low and soft for you then the town has more then enough to boost your adrenaline. First you can hire a motorbike, or for the adventures rough ride the town offers spots where you can hire a Quad rough terrain vehicle.

Seeking it higher up in the adventure experience level there are the hot air balloon trips over the Vang Vien Area. For these trips its best to book ahead to avoid the disappointment of all seats being occupied. Enjoying these amazing views in the air over the Vang Vien area is not only possible by hot air balloon trip. The town offers the opportunity to go by kite or delta wing flight, making you feel flying over the area like a bird..

Rock climbing being your passion then Vang Vien can be the place to be for you. The local activity centers can offer you the best trips in or aside the touristic the area.. At Vang Vien there is everything to make you feel unique and special. And after a day full of active experiences the town has everything to relax in the evening.

Delicious dinners at the riverside while watching the sunset or enjoy your evening in the small but active center. Small in size however huge in its wide range of opportunities Vang Vien has everything to bring that extra touch on your stay in Laos..

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Laos Vang Vien Cycling around and hiking to Kaeng Yui waterfall

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