South Korea 3 days in unforgettable Mokpo

South Korea 3 days in Mokpo

Mokpo in South Korea is a bit different city then others, this all mentioned in a positive way. For many things Mokpo is and end for a new beginning.. Mokpo Is the end of the main land locked up on 3 sides by water.. This makes it almost and island.. Also Mokpo is the end of the railway lines… However Mokpo is the start point for many new adventures. Mokpo is the start point for making trips to the hundreds of islands in the area. Mokpo has the Ferry terminal where you can go on your way to Jeju island.

Mokpo city is cut in a few pieces by the mountains. Again this makes the city something special. Especially when you enjoy trekking. Though Mokpo seems a little bit forgotten by tourists, this makes this city one of the favorite places to put on your visit list. Mokpo has 2 main centers. The old city center certainly has its charms. With its different shops in its heart, bakeries and coffee shops, a diversity of small restaurants to enjoy your lunch or dinner its easy to forget track of time..

The desire for culture and history can easily be fulfilled. There is the maritime museum and Natural history Museum at Hadang, also called the new downtown. In the “old” city downtown there is the Mokpo Modern History Museum and the Art park to tempt your mind.. The Mokpo Modern History Museum has is exhibition that also relates on its history with the western countries, combined with the time of the Japanese rulers.

In and just outside the museum you get a clear impression about the life in the time of the previous rulers. Several detailed and beautiful Maquette (scaled models) displays the life in historical Mokpo. In the Mokpo Modern History Museum you can dress yourself in a traditional Korean clothing and de photographed before the wall of freedom.

In the area of the Mokpo Modern History Museum there are many buildings that remember the time time period of the Japanese rulers. The Former Japanese consulate, The Former Oriental Development Company and Japanese style houses are a few of the many historical places in the area. On the History and culture (yellow) route you will pass all those places that had an important meaning in the past.

As being cut by mountains Mokpo offers several exciting places to visit for hiking. The peak of mount Yudalsan is 228 meters high, which offers you the best view over the islands when you reach the top. Mount Yudalsan has a spiderweb of trails to hike across the mountain. The trails include many interesting locations as viewpoints towards the sea. Also there are many places across the trails to attract your attention. In the next posts Mount Yudalsan hiking day 1 and Mount Yudalsan hiking day 2 it will be mentioned ins detail.

Another fantastic place for hiking near Mokpo is Wolchulsan National Park. The bus brings you near the park area quickly, from there a short taxi ride to the entrance. Wolchulsan National Park is the smallest national park in Korea, however it does have its charms. Though access to the parks peak is less easy and there is lack of temples on the way up it gives a rewarding to hike it.. Especially not being overthrown by tourists on your way up..

Walking outside the historical center of Mokpo still brings enough diversion. Near the mountain hills you find a cable car, there are several temples with some having impressive bells and viewpoints towards the city and harbor. Going up to the small temples near the mountain side can be quite a climb. Anyway it is worth to take the effort. Several modern galleries offer you a free tour it also gives you an excellent view about the people in Mokpo. Kind warmhearted, interested in your opinion and impressions about Mokpo…

Mokpo evening life is nice with the colorful lighted streets inviting you to make a tour though the center. Romantic in a way as it is never overcrowded. This offers the opportunity to discover yourself again in Mokpo..

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