Mout Yudalsan Trekking part 1

South Korea Mokpo Mount Yudalsan Trekking Part 1

Trekking at Mount Yudalsan is more then a rewarding event when you remain at Mokpo. Mount Yudalsan is certainly not the largest mountain to go for trekking. However it offers a huge diversity of possibilities which makes it interesting and amusing to even go trekking for more then one day. Mount Yudalsan is locked between the city and Sea. It is the last peak of the Nolyeong Mountains.

Mount Yudalsan is easy to reach. Located near the Old city center of Mokpo and railway station it takes only a short time to walk to the entrance.. Mount Yudalsan is close to the International ferry terminal and the main entrance close to the Mokpo Modern History Museum. Besides the main entrance there are many entrances to Mount Yudalsan. So you can hop on or off Mountain at many different spots.

A diversity of trekking routes on Mount Yudalsan means you don’t have to follow a fixed route. The beauty of this is that its easy to change plan while trekking. The main “Blue or yellow” trekking route is circling around the mountain. There are several trekking routes cutting and zigzagging through the mountain. Also some routes will take you to the main peak called Iildung-Bawi. Top of the peak is at 228 meters altitude. Another Peak called Ideung-Bawi is at 182 meters altitude.

Besides trekking Mount Yudalsan also offers beautiful viewpoints for photography, entertainment, culture and history. Having 27 points of interest located on the mountain and near the foot of the mountain The amusement factor is high and after visiting a point of interest it makes you eager to trek to the next one. The wooden signs point the way of directions to next viewpoints, they inform you about the distance to trek there as well.

The 1st day trip started Hiking from the Mokpo Modern History Museum to the Mount Yudalsan main entrance. After buying an entrance ticket with included map it was up the stone stairs to the main entrance. The entrance park offers a diversity of botanic mixed with the statute General Yi Sun-sin. This Korean admiral and military general is famous for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war in the Joseon Dynasty.

Though here is not the highest point of the mountain, it gives a great view across the city of Mokpo. The Cannon points towards the canal defending the mountain. People to people the sign tells you, it is a message to remember when trekking the mountain. The routes here differ from stairs to rock, to sand paths and paved paths. The choice here was to make a tour including some of them all.

First part of the route was trekking up the mountain to the cable car station platform. This part meant hiking up to the 228 meters highest peak. Via several stairs and paved paths really a steep climb. However many amazing viewpoints giving a fantastic view over the City. Taking this route meant skipping the part on the left side of the mountain, however this part was reserved for Trekking day 2.

From the peak heading to the cable car platform. From the cable car platform the trekking continued to Ideung-bawi, about 1560 meters of trekking. This part of route brings you around the mountain via a sand path then turning into a rocky path. At an open pace on the mountainside the bay of Mokpo’ s 2nd shipping terminal is clearly visible. The rocky path heads up mountain passing one of the points of interest a small farm.

Here there is the choice to go 3 ways, continue to Ideung-bawi, follow the main route or go down mountain. Down mountain there are 2 other points of interest to visit. Mokpo Maritime University and the Mermaids Park. As time was plenty it was quickly decided to go down 800 meters to the Mermaids park. The sand path down hill turned half way into a paved route guiding this person through the park.

Almost near the exit-entrance of the Mermaids park there is the small statue of the mermaid. The mermaid statue is settled near the waterfall. Though the waterfall is not spectacular high, is it an enjoyable t place to visit. The falling water adds something playful to the scene. Usually the fountains here are working too, in evenings this place is lighted. When going to the exit-entrance here you will find a excellent coffee shop just across the street. Nice place for a lunch break.

From the mermaids park a turn was made back up mountain towards Ideung-bawi peak. From Ideung-bawi peak it is a short distance to the Mount Yudalsan Art park. This modern Art park is combined with a botanical Garden and a beautiful view over the city. Size of the park is compact one one hand and though compact is has quite a lot of different art. Walking here in Mount Yudalsan Art park you can almost forget the time. On many occasions the parks design gives the impression that the size is much larger that the space it possesses. It is incredible how the diversity of art and botanic is combined. At every footstep or turn of angle the view offers something special.

From the park one of the last points of interest chosen to visit for this day was the Temple. Though the temple is not the end of this days trek it is the closing piece to mention for today. The temple build on the mountainside seems first hidden. When the gate comes in sight the stone paved stairs challenge you to make your way up. When you completed the challenge to go up there is the reward of another amazing view point interesting are the temple buildings and the bell. It is a great place to be at sunset. It becomes one of the most romantic places to be..

After the temple visit it was hiking the sand path back to Iildung-Bawi the highest peak. From there with sunset near back to paved path were first went up and make way to main entrance.. Only a few of the points of interest I visited are mentioned in this part of my Mount Yudalsan Trekking post. The others will be there for you to discover..

Another day another part of trekking on Mount Yudalsan in Mokpo..

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