South Korea Busan, Haeundae at Night and Seomyeon Market

When visiting Busan one of the best experiences in evening is a visit to Haeundae. Haeundae seems to be more active and filled with people in the evening then at daytime. At the time of my visit it was the celebration of Haeundae Lighting festival. The Haeundae Lighting festival starting at Haeundae metro station and continuing at the beach area. The Illuminated beach area with lighted pillars on the walk way, each bearing a name of every Asian country on it.

The illuminated castle as part of a high lighted track with themes of animals love and heart shapes. It gave an extra dimension to the Haeundae beach. however also without the lightning the beach walk is really fantastic. Giving you the dark quietness of the ocean on one side and the lighted activity of city on the other side of you.

Besides the lightning festival Haeundae is still a beautiful and great to visit on other evenings. When standing at the beach, facing towards the city the view is spectacular. The lights of the apartment blocks in contrast with the lower housing.. Also the fish market and especially the Haeundae Night Market are main attractions.

At the night market there is more to buy and see then just fish and other see food. Various types of pancakes for about 1000 Wong and other delicious Korean food are nicely priced too. All food fresh made for you filling your desire for fish, seafood, vegetarian or other styles. There are enough places to go for western or other foods. Remaining in south Korea the opportunity to enjoy the variety of foods is one to take.

One of the other famous Markets in Busan is the Seomyeon Market. The market is only a few minutes walk from Seomyeon Metro station. Seomyeon Market great place to visit, especially at daytime. Seomyeon Market is large and great part of it located within the Halls of the buildings. This makes also a pleasure to visit should you be in Busan on a rainy day.

The market has a very pleasant atmosphere, with the friendly merchants and interesting stalls. Even when it is crowdy at a visit Seomyeon Market still keeps that amazing feeling of intimacy. This is one of the reasons why it wants to make to come back here. The variety of shops, stalls and products offered on Seomyeon Market exceeds the other markets in Busan.

The restaurants in and near the market offer lunch and dinner for a reasonable price. It is one of the best locations to enjoy you lunch or dinner if seafood is something you can appreciate. The market presents you also with the chance to obtain natural health and beauty products. It is surprising how large the selection of offered is at Seomyeon Market.

The Seomyeon Market colors itself with offered products as clothing, all kind of nuts, Vegetables, carrots, fruits.. If you take your time to enjoy the atmosphere here and forget your time planning, you easy can spend a few hours here.

You can keep in mind that when you haven’t been at Seomyeon Market in Busan, you missed one of the pearls in South Korea.

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