Busan Haendae

South Korea Experiences in and around burstling Busan

Being in South Korea the city Busan is a favorite spot to check out. Busan is located near the sea in the south east of the country. From Busan you can easy make your way to Jeju island, which takes about 45 minutes by aircraft. From Gyeongju, Singyeongju station the SRT train takes you to the Busan train station in 35 minutes. Busan is the 2nd largest city in South Korea. This also means there is a lot to do in and around Busan. Her size is not in numbers, but more in size.

On a map you can easy notice how Busan is streched over the area. Traveling by Mrt in Busan is a must when you want to visit the most interesting places that are spread over the widely spread City. Having only a few days to spend before my trip to Jeju island it was necessary to be selective. However every moment in Busan has been a pleasant surprise.

Busan has the sea on one side and is surrounded by the mountains on the other side. This gives the city an amazing experience. When you enjoy to visit Food Markets then the Busan Seomyeon Market
is certainly one to checkout when you stay in Busan. Probably one of the finest experiences at food markets in South Korea. With the sea food restaurants around it. Choose your sea food when its still fresh alive in the water..

When modern art is something you can appriciate then the Busan Museum of Art is a good place to go. Located near Busan Museum of Art mrt station it is only one stop away from Haendae. The Busan Museum of Art has a constantly renewing collection. This way they keep their exhibitions fresh and worth to visit again if should you visit Busan another time. There is more to see then the paintings so take a chance to be surprised. When finished the inspirational time at the museum you can make your way to Haendae.

Busan Haeundae has more then just the beautiful beach. Exiting at the Haeundae mrt station you are in the middle of the restaurants and shopping area… Haeundae is popular at day and night, so you will be in an active part of the city at any moment in time. If you checkout the shopping area carefully you can admire some great art there too. Statues as the man with the owl and dog, however also at the restaurants entrances. .. Heading to the beach only takes a few minutes. Across the beach main road there is the “ Sea life Busan Aquarium

At time of visiting Busan there was the Haeundae Light Festival. The festival is there once a year. Because of the festival the evening visit to Haeundae was extra exciting. Read about this on my other page and Haeundae Night Market. Walking at the beach is really relaxing. Also it gives a remarkable view of Busan.

The contrast off Skyscrapers at one area and the smaller building on the hill side. With the wide view over the sea on the other side. The Haeundae night fish market is near the beach. Its usually is very quiet in the daytime. The market usually opens at 17.00. Then the activity gets started with delicious foods and drinks.

Beomeosa Temple is dating from the year 678. Beomeosa Temple is about 3 kilometers from the Beomeosa mrt station. You can take a bus from the Mrt station that departs every 15 minutes. They offer the opportunity for a templestay, so you can experience the humble way of living. With a bamboo trail upwards, you can hike your way upwards.

If you have enough time to spend then other great places to visit are:
Geumjeong Sanseong mountain fortress
Gwangalli beach smaller then Haendae beach however very intimate.
Gamcheon culture village
Busan Tower and Jagalchi fish market
Busan Modern History museum

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