Gyeongju Yangdong Village

Gyeongju Yangdong Village

When you remain in Gyeongju a visit to the Yangdong Village is an excellent place to visit. The village is founded 1433-1484, so about 500 years ago. Yangdong Village is also called Yangdong Folk Village. The Yangdong Village located 16 kilometers outside of Gyeongju. However it is easy to reach by the bus that departs from The Gyeongju bus terminal or you can hop on the bus at Gyeongju train station. The trip with the bus is about 40 minutes. The bus stops in front of the entrance of Yangdong Village.

Here you can take the path that leads you to the Souvenirs shop restaurant and toilets.. Its a good place to visit when you have to wait for the bus arrives. Take notice its still few minutes to walk to the busstop at the entrance. After passing the Souvenir the beautiful wall paintings that show how it was 500 years ago, have a 3d experience. Next after that you will arrive at the ticket office..

The South Korean government designated the Yangdong village as important Folklore Materials No:189. Also it became a Unesco world heritage in 2010. The folk village has a school for the young students. You will pass the Ganghakdang village school after you bought the entrance ticket at the ticket office. Just behind the school entrance gate there are beautiful panted statues. One of the expresses the Olympics torch the other statues expresses the family and education.

Yangdong Village is habitat, means the most houses are not allowed to take a look inside. However There are some Korean restaurants and coffee take away’s. Here you can sea bit of the looks inside the houses. Located between the mountain hills it gives spectacular views. If Photography is one of your passions you can fulfill your passion here.

The village and the topography of the mountains are one of issues that make Yangdong village an excellent place for photography. Also the architecture of the different houses with low stone walls around them, give amazing views. Here you pass the homes of the Yeogang Yi and Wolseong Son clans. The architecture of the village in combination with the botanic environment makes you feel going back in time. When Architecture or Botanic is your passion an interesting day is ahead of you.

As we visited in the late autumn the landscape was colorful is its green brown and red colors. A high contrast in the landscape as a result of this. Another positive issue of the late day in autumn was the silence in the village. Only a few tourists meant no crowd, so we had all time to to make our photo’s .

The village has a lot of cultural properties and folk materials. Such as Jeokgae Gongsin Nonsang Rokgwan (Tangible Cultural Property), Pine Tree in Yangdong, Daeseongheon, Gyeongsan Seodang (Folk Cultural Asset Material). Also the Pavilion Gwangajeong is a beautiful place to see.

Making your way through the village should take about 4 to 5 hours. If you take your time to get a good impression. The best impression you can get is to take a look in this village when you visit Gyeongju. Certain we will go back on a sunny day..

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