Andong plank Road and Folk village

South Korea Andong Plank Road to Andong Folk village Museum

The Andong Plank Road and Folk village Museum are two interesting places to see. Starting at the Andong railway station you can follow the signs to Andong dam.. When you reach the riverside, you cross the bridge by foot at Gyeongdong-ro. After you crossed the crossed the river you can turn left and start trekking plank road.

The plank road leads you along the river with the forest on the other side next to you. At the beginning of the Plank road route there is a sign “ be aware of snakes “ With a smiling snake drawing next to it.. We did not encounter any snakes in animal form.. Walking the plank road first go towards the the Andong Dam. If you wish you can leave the plank road and walk across the Andong dam.. It is a great idea to take a view across the river on both sides of the dam.. After that go back to the plank road and continue to Yongsang-dong road.

On the plank road there are enough places to rest, sit and relax.. Taking the time it gives you the pleasure to enjoy the view across the area with many birds in the area.. Arriving at Yongsang-dong road you find the Sunseong County temple. We did the trip in the Autumn time and the trees gave an amazingly colorful landscape. From green to red and brown leaves. At he end of the Andong Plank Road you can continue your walk on the sand road near the riverside.

Here you find a soft drinks machine, so if you thirsty.. Then enjoy the refreshment… After you passed the Sunseong County temple you can spot the Korean figures on the left floating on the river. When you look right you will spot an outside library with post office box next to it. It is the start of the Andong Folk village Museum. There is no admission fee to this part. When you turn right you can go upwards the hill.

Already on foot of the hill there are beautiful historic buildings and houses. Take the opportunity to make some of your best photos here .. There is a beautiful pond with fish shaped fountains in the middle of it.. A great opportunity for you if you stay off the main road. You be able to take the stone stairs and sand path across the first part of the Andong Folk village Museum.

If you continue your trip up hill on the main road, you will arrive at the large Main gate of the Folk museum complex. After you enter the Complex through the main gate you can go up the main gate when it is allowed.. The Folk village Museum complex has a lot to offer. There is the main temple, restaurant, coffee house where you can take your lunch. Most of all the complex has much information about the local culture, calligraphy and amazing collection of clothing including the on the head wearable s.

Going back down to the hill to the riverside you will spot the zigzagging pedestrian bridge.. The pedestrian bridge is a fun way to cross the river. At the end of the bridge you ca take the bus back to the city. If the complex did not have the lunch you was desiring then you will be able to enjoy a true Korean lunch in one of the restaurants across the bus station. After lunch take the bus or if you have enough renewed energy as we, then hike your way back to Andong..


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