South Korea Danyang hiking South of the Town

Though Danyang is humble in size, there are a lot of activities. Several are close to town, for others taking a bus , taxi or other way of transport is necessary. Some outdoor activities are hiking, Para gliding, caves, waterfalls.

Leaving the town by foot south of Danyang you can enter the Danyang-gang Jando Plank Road trail. The wooden trail is 2 kilometers long and follows its route at the Namhang riverside. The view is stunning, it gives a look across thet river, the railroad bridge and another impression of the mountains.

The route is very safe and easy to walk with spots to rest. At the end of the Danyang-gang Jando Plank Road trail you arrive at the entrance of Mancheonha Skywalk. At the entrance of the skywalk you can choose if you walk your way up to the observation platform or take the bus up.

The observation platform has a few levels and at every level you have a view across the landscape. You can go down the way you came or para-glide all the way down. Gliding down gives you that extra thrill of making your way down as a bird that lands. Another way to go down is the glide rail at ground level that is a choice in case being on ground has your preference. If you wish to experience to go down by parachute, the is a possibility at the other side off the river.

If you wish to skip the Mancheonha Skywalk, you can also continue your walk further south to the Neurimbo Gangmul-trail witch leads to Suyanggue Light tunnel and Suyanggae Prehistory Museum. Before entering the Neurimbo Gangmul-trail you can walk across the wooden plank road through the grain fields. When we was there part of the route was submerged by the water level. However it gave an impressive view.

Another hike you can take at the south exit of Danyang town is across the Sangjindaegyo Bridge. When you exit the town there is a safe walking path on the left side of the bridge. When you crossed the bridge Danyang Railway station is very close, for train or bus.. A possibility is to walk to the riverside and walk the road that follows the river on the opposite side of Danyang and make your way back to the town again this way.

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