South Korea Jeju island Day of Exploring at Seogwipo.

When remaining on Jeju island the awareness grows daily about its beauty, however also the many possibility it offers to discover its treasures. Another interesting city that is a pleasure to discover is Seogwipo. The city Seogwipo is the 2nd largest city on Jeju island and located south on the island.From Jeju city bus terminal you can take bus 281. The trip to Seogwipo takes about an hour. The bus 281 goes around Mount Hallasan. This offers an opportunity to admire Mount Hallasan from different sides..

There are two good spots to exit the bus in Seogwipo are first IIjudong-ro bus stop at the roundabout in the city center. The second good spot to exit the bus is at Seogwipo bus terminal. Though the bus terminal is several kilometers east from the city center, its close to Jeju World Cup Stadium. This brings an advantage to go hiking west towards the city. Our trip at Seogwipo started at the bus terminal. From here crossing the street to Jeju World Cup Stadium. The stadium is a nice piece of modern art.It has the shape of a mouth of a volcano. The FiFa World Cup matches 2002 where hosted in this stadium.

From the Jeju World Cup Stadium we started hiking back to Seogwipo. First meters on the 1132 IIjudong-ro main road. At the first crossing we made a turn right towards the seaside. At this area the Oranges growing on the fields and in the greenhouses. Following the road downwards to Leodo-ro we crossed the street to Maksupo-ro. At the end of this dead-end street there is a spectacular view across the sea. Facing to the left towards Seogwipo city you can spot 2 mountain-islands. Also there is a coffee-restaurant should be thirsty.. It is an excellent spot to make some beautiful photos, however also a great view towards Seogwipo city..

After admiring the view we continued our hike on Leodo-ro towards the city. On Leodo-ro ther eis the Yongmunsa temple. Turning right here there is a nice road to hike to Taepyeong-ro main road. At the main road we tirned right to Yeongdong Yeondae. Here you have a dead-end street with an evening bar-restaurant that looks like a 17th century pirate ship.. It is constructed fro wooden planks, impressive it is with its high masts. It even has a swimming pool if you wish to take a swim.. The pirate was standing lonely at his cannon. At time we passed here the restaurant was closed. It would been great if we could have taken a look inside. The pirate ship can be easy spotted when walking at Taepyeong-ro main road.

Heading back to Taepyeong-ro main road towards the city we turned right at Namseong-ro. Hiking with the sea side on the right we followed the path towards Seogwipo center and harbor. The hike can be followed to the Cheonjiyeon Falls. We turned to take the hiking track in the park near the center.. The hiking tour in the park brings you to some nice spots to rest, included with one of the best view points towards the harbor and seaside. Here the bridge that looks as a mast from a sailing ship can be admired and the first views of Saeseom Island. Also the park is beautifully designed with its art included inside the park.

At the exit of the park there is the Arang Joeul Food street on the left if you interested in some cuisine. Turning left you have the possibility to hike towards the harbour via two different routes. Exiting the park we continued down hill towards the harbor…At the Seogwipo Harbour you can continue hiking towards Saeseom Island. Also at the harbor they offer a service to board on a tourist submarine. From the harbor hiking via Namseongjung-ro road towards Saeseom Island you will cross the artistic bridge.

We choose the route via Chilsimni-ro street. This street is on the other side of the harbor offering on of the best impressions of Seogwipo. Facing towards the sea the harbor with its sailing ships and restaurants it is a great place to eat and relax. The street bends left along the harbor with the seaside next to you. Very enjoyable are the hiking paths next to the rocky coast line. No fear of falling in the water as the wooden fence protects you from this..

In South Korea you can discover some of the most beautiful street art. Seogwipo is no exception and never boring. One of the highlights of the street art are the two arms facing towards the island in the sea and towards a bridge. This piece of art you pass when you walk on Chilsimni-ro street. About the art… It has a pencil In the right hand and the (bronze) paper in the left hand you can imagine it expresses making a drawing of the island.. Or maybe the bridge or both. Its just how you position yourself and let your imagination flow.. If the imagination is endless it is a fantastic spot to express it with making imagination a reality and create some nice photos..

Continuing on Chilsimni-ro street we arrive at the entrance to one of the highlights of Seogwipo the Jeonbang Falls. There are many falls to see around the planet. However the Jeongbang falls offer something different. Most falls are located in a river and continue in a river before its water flows into the sea.. On Jeju island the river water at Jeonbang Falls drops directly from the cliff into the sea. As this is very rare the Jeonbang Falls are one of the main tourist attractions in Seogwipo..

After buying a ticket at the ticket office to the falls a plank trail leads you to another park. First passing the statue of one of the lords including historic drawings in Marble. Then after a few minutes walk on the left you can enter a small park also you cross a small river stream.. The plank road ends at a Market. Here at the end of the plank road there are the stairs down towards the Jeongbang Falls..

Down the stairs you can enter the gate towards the falls.. the stone path leads you next to the sea towards the Falls. Heading down you arrive at the rocky beach.. Having a good feeling for balance here is no luxury.. Especially when wishing to go close to the Jeongbang Falls to make the best snapshot of yourself. Be aware of the warning signs placed there and respect them always. Its easy to slip and hurt yourself.. Being close to the falls withing the safety limit brings a spectacular view. Impressive it is to watch this beautiful place of the planet.

Along with its rare beauty it has an overwhelming sound of the river water hitting the rocky beach before it flows into the sea. The sound of the river water hitting the rocky beach is heavy. Because of that its hard you hear the words of the others. When you arrive at a time when its less crowdy then enjoy this opportunity to make some of your best photos.. There is only one place as the Jeongbang Falls..

After the visit a the Jeongbang Falls.. we hiked back to the city center towards the Arang Joeul food Street. Just for a cup of coffee and before hopping back on the bus to Jeju city. This one day hiking in Seogwipo gives time to only see part of the city.. It has plenty more to offer, also the same is true for Jeju island. Five days at Jeju island seems long, however only long enough for a first acquaintance with this amazing island. A Korean friend mentioned to me that Jeju always presents you a gift which creates a desire of always wanting to come back.. Thank you…..

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