Jeju island Mount hallasan

South Korea Jeju island Mount Hallasan national park

Jeju island has many beautiful places to visit. One of the most exiting places is Mount Hallasan. Mount hallasan is located in the center of Jeju island. Mount Hallasan peak is 1950 meters high. Mount Hallasan is also called Mount Halla by locals. Mount Hallasan is a very popular place for trekking. Not only by the local people from Korea, but also by foreign tourists.

There are 4 main trekking routes on mount Hallasan. The Gwaneumsa trail heading to the peak from the north, The Seongpanak route Heads to the centre from the east. The Seongpanak trail is longer then the rest, however it goes gently upwards and makes it easier to climb. The Yeongsil trail the shortest route up, starting form the west. Yeongsil trail is the shortest and easiest way up. Last is the Eorimok trail this route is moderate to difficult.

3 of the 4 routes can be easy reached by bus. These are the Seongpanak trail, Yeongsil trail and the Eorimok trail. For the Gwaneumsa trail it is necessary to go by taxi to the entrance. From Jeju city you can easy take the bus from Jeju city bus terminal which takes about 40 minutes. As the Eorimok trail is not too touristic it was an easy decision to select this trail.

We left the bus at Jungmun and walked about 1 kilometer towards the entrance and parking place. At the entrance you can buy the ticket visit the Visitor center and museum. Here is also the beginning of the Eorimok trail. After an easy start the trail goes downwards and leads to a wooden plank bridge. At the bridge you be able to cross the stream easy. After crossing the bridge the Eorimok trail difficulty becomes moderate. From a plank route through the Forest it changes into a sand and stone stairs trail.

Every 100 meters the distance downwards is mentioned by signs. The landscape is a beautiful paradise for those who have botanic as a passion. We spotted some crows in the trees. To me was mentioned it was a sign of greeting us. As we climbed the mountain early December we noticed some ice spots on the Eorimok trail. After a few kilometers the Eorimok trail difficulty level becomes hard for about 2.1 kilometers.

At this point we noticed most of the hiking people turn back to the entrance. However the challenge and support became a high motivation to head on to the top of mount Hallasan. This part of the trail is mainly a rocky path through the forest. Though difficulty is high, the experience level is fantastic. The signs at the trail can become one of the motivations to reach the top. Another motivation can be to reach the top or being in the best possible company with friends.

After the 2.1 kilometers of hard difficulty hiking, the trail turns into easy. For about 800 meters the trail continues on a wooden plank path. From there you already get your first fantastic views at the peak of mount Hallasan. However also you get the first beautiful views down towards the sea and Jeju city. At this part part of the vegetation has been destroyed by fires in the past. Trees are gone however there is still enough to admire.

After 800 meters easy plank trail the Eorimok trail continues as moderate difficulty level upwards. From here there is the choice to head up to the top or head to the viewpoint. We choose for the viewpoint as the trail up the volcano was closed because of the season. Also in winter season buses towards Jeju city are less and last bus is more early. At the viewpoint there is the info about the volcano combined with a spectacular view towards the volcano. Look first down hill first towards Jeju city and then towards the sea, you will be surprised.

Climbing mount Hallasan is an amazing experience. Especially selecting the Eorimok trail can turn into one of the best memories of Jeju island if you open for it. Its best to do this trail on a day when temperature is low to moderate. Though path to the volcano top was closed, taking the Eorimok trail was amazing. There will be a next time in another season to head up to the volcano. Thank you G*****.

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