Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park and Bulguksa temple

Gyeongju has so much to offer it can be a puzzle what to visit if you have limited time to spend there. The Gyeongju World Culture Expo park and Bulguksa temple are two of many impressive and wonderful places to visit. The Gyeongju World culture Expo park is located near the Bomunho lake. Its part of the Bomun tourist complex. Its easy to travel to there by bus from the Bus terminal or Gyeongju Railway station.

From the World Expo park you can also hop on the bus to Bulguksa temple temple. So if you wish you can visit Bulgusaka temple first and the Expo park later. The World Expo park is also opened from 10.00 till 23.00 in evening. Some of the top attractions as the Lumina Night Walk here are best visited in evening time. The World Culture Expo park is a combination of playful fun, Mind inspiration, thrilling experiences, culture information, with nature rest points. When entering the park making your way to the Gyeongju Silla tower.

The tower is 182 meters high. Staff points the way to the elevator upwards. Going up in the elevator you can face the windows side and experience the view from bottom to top.. Inside the tower you can make your trip on 2 levels and get an 360 degrees view of the area. Really cool.. The view is really amazing with the Bomun tourist complex with mountains on one side. Besides the static cultural information, they present a video presentation about the history of Gyeongju. Just before the presentation starts, the curtains roll down and presentation is displayed on the curtains.

In the middle between the right and left leg of the tower you have a view downwards.. A good way of getting an impression of the height. Going back down is down one floor by the stairs. After that you can take the elevator down.. Ofcourse the ones not able to use the stairs can take the Elevator. If you like Junk art then making a walk to the Tobot Junk art museum is a good idea. In front of that museum a Transformers Bot greets you. Made from junk is looks pretty cool..

An fun inside experience in the dark is the Timeless media Art. Art constructions with flashing lights amuse you on your inside trip. In one room you find yourself surrounded by mirrors with lights changing their colors and flash frequency. The Healing trail Luminar Night walk is as it says an evening event. So its closed in day time. Making your walk through the park you find enough places to sit and eat. Besides the many inside experiences the World Culture Expo park is also amazing when you make a walk through it.

History, Culture and Art is the main experience. The park expresses this outdoor with beautiful statues of people and animals. The dinosaurs statues in children’s playground is a great example. However many adults seemed to have the wish to be photographed with the Dino statues too.The park has some short trekking routes too. Ponds and trees complete the variation of the park.

If you wish you can spend a few hours till a full day here depending on what you wish to see.. Some other experiences in the Gyeongju World Culture Expo park are: Asadal Sculpture park, Healing trail Luminar Night walk, Natural History museum, Saemaeul expo hall, Solgeo Art

Bulguksa temple. From Gyeongju World Culture Expo park to the Bulguksa temple is about 20 minutes.. Build in the year 751 the Bulguksa temple is one of the oldest temple in South Korea. Bulguksa temple is located on Mount Toham, Jinheon-dong, Gyeongju city. Bus # 10 from World Culture Expo. Other bus route see below on this page.

This temple is a masterpiece of the golden age of Buddhist art. Founded in the Period of the Silla kingdom. Naturally it is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Stepping out of the bus you see the path to the Bulguksa temple up hill. The path to the entrance is a nice walk up between the trees, with people selling their items and drinks. As we went up in Autumn, the leaves of the trees where changing their colors. A beautiful color pattern this gave and opportunity to make some fantastic photos. After buying the ticket and having passed the entrance gate you first enter the park.

A beautiful pond where many people take their first photos with a plank route towards the museum. Around the museum there are some great looking structures which besides their cultural meaning, also offer an opportunity to make some fantastic photos… Arriving at the Bulguksa temple its easy to be impressed by its size and looks. The stone stairs upwards where closed to enter. So we had to go around the temple walls. However good thing of it it that you are guided to see everything. Also the Bell is interesting to take a look at.

Inside the temple walls you find the main square. With in middle of center the Buddha temple. If you take the highest allowable point you can reach, then you can make some photos orientated over the roofs of the complex. Walking around you will be amazed by the many flowers, some can buy to donate and make your wish. Also you can buy the lanterns with your name ticket labeled on the downside.. A beautiful view to see them mounted on the top of the ceiling.

At the Bulguksa temple walls themselves you can admire its masterpiece of construction. You be able to take some of you best photos here when its not too crowded. The complex area is huge so take your time. Just outside the temple walls you find a fantastic coffee shop. When heading back the stone bridge reflecting in the water gives an amazing composition.. Most of this place does if you take your time to admire every corner of it.

City bus route (Expo Park – Inter-city Express Bus Terminal)
Route 1 – Bus # 10: Terminal> Venue, departs every 11 minutes.
Terminal > Gyeongju Station> Bunhwangsa Temple > Venue > Folklore Craft Village> Bulguksa Temple> Palace of Unification > Gyeongju Museum> Anapji, Cheomseongdae> Gyeongju Station
Route 2 – Bus # 18, 100, 150: Terminal> Venue, departs every 15 minutes.
Terminal> Gyeongju Station> Bunhwangsa Temple> Venue> Gampo, Yangnam
Terminal → Expo Venue (Approximately 20 minutes)
Gyeongju Station → Expo Venue (Approximately 15 minutes)

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