Ferry from Jeju to Mokpo

South Korea From Jeju island to Mokpo by ferry

For traveling from Korea to Jeju island and back from Jeju to Korea there are 2 possibilities. The first option is to go by aircraft the second option is to go by ferry. Advantage for flying is it only takes about 45 minutes. With 178 Flights every on an average day to and from Jeju and many locations to travel from this is easy.. Going with the ferry from Jeju to Mainland of Korea has some limitations.. Still there is something special about a ferry trip that flight just misses.. Going by ferry gives that special adventures feeling and watching the mainland at sunset. If there is the time a boat trip can be relaxing and rewarding..

Traveling from Busan to Jeju island the choice was made for a flight. Traveling back to the mainland the choice was made to travel by ferry.. Port of departure Jeju city and port of arrival Mokpo.. The ciye Mokpo is located on the south west of Korea.. The ferry to Mokpo from Jeju goes about 1 to 3 times a day.. There are also other ferry destinations its recommended to check them and departure times in advance.

For the price of a tickets, there was only a small difference between flight and ferry. So making the choice for ferry, the price ticket wasn’t an issue. Also time was plenty with comfortable departure and arrival times. The ferry takes about 5 and half hour to reach Mokpo harbor. However it is a fantastic feeling to sail.

In the morning it was only 20 minute walk from the guesthouse to the Jeju Coastal Ferry Terminal. The Jeju Coastal Ferry Terminal is very close to the city center, means you enjoy an easy walk and making it a morning exercise. My arrival at the terminal was quite early. The ticket office opens about 1 and half hour before departure. Anyway time enough to enjoy an early lunch at the newly opened restaurant. Their first day of opening and their service excellent.. Korean food is delicious and surprising. At the first bites it seems to much or sometimes too little, however it always it correctly enough..

Depending on your wishes its possible to travel by ferry economy or in a luxury style.. The choice was made for economy means you have a sit / sleep place on the floor in a room with more people.. This is good if luxury is less your thing on only a few hours voyage. This was also primary the decision point made at booking. Most of time we spend on deck making the photos and enjoying the view.. Inside the ferry at the center hall there are the shops and restaurant. The restaurant and shops have everything to ease your thirst and appetite.

Departing from Jeju harbor with the best memories at my side. Making some last photos at the stern of the ship. The weather was cloudy and the wind a bit hard. Anyway rain did not show herself making a stay on deck a possibility. The first part of the trip Jeju island was getting smaller and the beauty of the mainland not yet in sight.. About half way the ferry trip from Jeju to Mokpo we came near the Korean mainland. Cruising between the small and rocky islands give that fantastic view that you miss when flying.

First we passed the islands of Dadohaehaesang National park on the left and Jindo island on the right. This for itself is an amazing view. The weather became more cloudy, with sunset starting. All together this gave a beautiful and spectacular view. With the orange-red sunlight playfully breaking through the open spots between the clouds. At this point it is still about 2 hours to Mokpo harbor terminal.. However it is the most interesting part of the voyage…

The ferry makes its turn right way at Jindo island. Than after turning right there is the view of Sinuido on the left. This part of the journey there are many larger and smaller islands to admire.. The ferry navigates comfortable between them, providing some excellent views. When passing Jugwang-ri village on the right you can spot Chiha-ri island on the left. Then soon after that the ferry makes its right turn near Oedaldo island.

With only about 10 minutes to go before arrival Mokpo comes in sight. Enjoyning the first glims of the city the ferry arrives at Mokpo ferry terminal. Mokpo has more ferry terminals. The ferny from Jeju arrives at the ship terminal near Haean-ro. The experience to make the travel from Jeju to Mokpo by ferry was certainly worth it. In the next visits to Korea and Jeju we will certainly sail again from other ports..

Arriving at Mokpo ends the Jeju adventures, however new ones begin at Mokpo that has surprisingly much to offer..

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