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South Korea 5 days at Jeju island – Jeju city and its beauty

Jeju island is one of the most popular destinations in South Korea. Foreign and domestic visitors come to Jeju island to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature which the island offers every day. Remarkable is that Jeju island sevices the most domestic flights in the world. Besides by aircraft you can travel to Jeju island by boat from Mokpo and other cities to jeju city. Jeju island has a magic attraction that wants to come back again every time you leave. Jeju is a self governing Province in south Korea.

There are many guesthouses that offer fantastic service. The choice for me was to remain in Jeju city and explore the island by bus. During 2 days exploring Jeju City one can only see part of that amazing city. An evening walk near the seaside at Jeju city gives that spectacular view that people dream of. When the sunsets near the rocky seaside with the waves bouncing against the rocks, it feels as being in a dream. The walking route brings you to the best places to enjoy the best views. Also at there are locations to enter the rocky beach and be close near the water.

Following the walking route you can cross the illuminated bridge and continue to the center of Jeju city. Inside the city center there is the opportunity to take a walk near the main canal. The main canal is a piece of art, actually designed as a park then a canal. The lighted bridges and small waterfalls provide a romantic atmosphere. Benches to sit and enjoy the calm sound of the streaming water.

Opposite to the park there is the Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market. As every city or town in south Korea has their Traditional markets, Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market has its own style. When sweet candies are sold in beautiful boxes. Even for the beautiful design of the boxes its tempting to buy one or two.. Another interesting issue at the market are the souvenirs sold there. Small statues and bottles that have that specific Jeju open sense of humor.

Jeju Folklore & Natural Museum is Beautiful and interesting inside and on the outside of the building. The stylish garden path has some pieces of art itself. When taking the time to see the stylish garden path from different points of view, you can discover some hidden art and architecture. Inside the museum. The history of Jeju island is exposed.

The inside exhibitions shows you the cave with Jeju minerals, also the museum exhibition presents the history of fishing and sailing. Excellent is the selection of subject they expose. The sailors raft can be viewed from the sides and above floor. Also the life from common family and better suited families is showed. This is reached by giving a look inside classic family houses. With furnished rooms and dressed statues of the families. The Jeju Folklore & Natural Museum is the best place to visit if you wish to take a museum tour at Jeju island.

When walking in Jeju city you can discover enough street art and tales. Read about the 3 princesses and take a look at the fort wall. At the Mokgwanaji temple complex is possible to admire and photograph the actors in traditional clothing. There are plenty of surprisingly beautiful paintings and drawings on walls through the city. There are many shopping centers with the interesting Gwandeok shopping center located below Gwandeok street.

Other exciting places on Jeju island are Mount Hallasan National Park. With different trekking routes from touristic to hard. Another fantastic area is Udo island only 20 minutes by boat from jeju island. The city Seogwipo is the 2nd largest city on jeju island. Some interesting places to see there are the Cheonjion Falls and Jeongbang Fall. About these 3 locations I will write on the next Jeju island post and pages.

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