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South Korea 4 amazing days in Seoul

For many people that visit to Korea, Seoul Incheon international airport is the place where they set their first steps into this amazing country. Though there are more international airports that serve as an entrance into Korea Seoul Incheon international airport handles the largest part of them.

For many people South Korea is mostly know as the car manufacturing Country, Gangnam style and also their historic victory in football. In 2002 Korea made their victory to reach the semi finals in the FiFa world cup Football. Beating great icons of football as Spain Italy and Portugal. Seoul has some kind of magic attraction towards its visitors. Part of it is because of its geographic location another part is the many palaces and parks to admire.

First impressions of Seoul is given as a clean and organized city. A huge Metro network that takes you every where even to the edges of the city.. A city that always entertains you on your stay here.. Also at Seoul there is an easy access to the famous KTX train network that brings you quick, safe and comfortable to your inland destinations.

The first day a hiking tour through Seoul we remained north of the river. The first place to visit was the old historical Seoul station building. The historical Station building was opened in November 1925. At the time of my visit is was also used for exhibitions about culture and history of 20th century.

Seoul gives the impression of a crowded city, however there are many places where you can feel rest and quietness. From the station the hike continued towards the Sungnyemun Gate, a national heritage. At this gate you can watch the change of guards several times a day. It is a pleasant moment to enjoy. Also there is the opportunity to be photographed with the guards.

From the Sungnyemun Gate the hike continued to another icon of the city, the Seoul Plaza. Seoul plaza is a wide open space with the “ I * Seoul* U” landmark. It is a favorite place to shoot some selfies and it is just across the City Hall And Deoksugung Palace. So a visit to the Seoul plaza will only take a few minutes of your time.

Crossing the street at the Seoul plaza you arrive at the City Hall and Deoksugung palace. The main tourist stream heads out towards the Deoksugung palace, though the City hall is certainly worth to visit too. The palace has a long history also it has been renamed several times. Its wooden structured buildings make you feel being back in the ancient history. Interesting is its composition of the palace buildings in harmony with its gardens and trees.

As the time of visiting the Deoksugung palace was during the autumn the nature surprised the visitors with a beautiful variation of colors. Besides the main entrance there are several other places to exit the palace. At the rear of the palace you can exit at Deoksugung-Gil. Here you find the Deoksugung National museum of art and it is close to Chongdong theater at Jeongdong-gil.

After a visit to the Chongdong theater the hike continued to Saemunan-ro. Seoul has its beautiful street art some excellent examples are located near Saemunan-ro. The old tram with the children waving goodbye gives another excellent impression of Seoul’s 20th century history. Near the crossing with Gyeonghuigung 1-gil at 55 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu you will find the Seoul Museum of history. Just across the museum you can spot the street art object of the labor person with the hammer. Great to photograph this when there is a good position of the sun.

Seoul Museum of history is a very modern museum offering interesting exhibitions a polite and helpful staff and with its 3 floors and wide galleries it will be easy to forget track of time in a pleasant way.. The museum implanted a lot of modern media, added to support their information about the collections.. As their exhibition changes frequently it is a good idea to inform ahead, though you can also goo there and enjoy the advantage of being surprised. Seoul has so much more to offer, feel free to continue reading on the other pages

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