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South Korea Seoul From Dongjak to Yongsan park and Namsang Park

Seoul always seem to drag your attention. There are many interesting places away from the regular tourist track. Here are so much more opportunities for activities then you will find in a regular travel guide. Because of this it can be profitable to inform at tourist office or better get some info from the local people. A huge chance you will enrich yourself with the knowledge of trekking places to visit that you never heard of.

For this tour the start point was made at the south of Hangang Bridge. In the early morning hiking the route near Nodeul-ro along the riverside towards Heukseok. On this route there are some interesting historic viewpoints and temple. Another fantastic view is the look across the river towards the other side of the city.. When passing Heukseok there is the possibility to hike the small park along the riverside.

When following this route you will arrive near the Dongjak metro station. After passing the Dongjak metro station along the riverside you will arrive at Banpo Hangang Park. The Banpo Hangang Park is a fantastic place to hike. The park follows the riverside for quite a long distance. Hiking this part of the trek brings you many views of Seoul that usually only the locals enjoy. The park ends near Highway 100.

Even then there are possibilities to continue, or you can choose to exit the park on several occasions. At some exits you can take a metro across the river and continue you hike there on the other side. The Metro stations near Banpo Hangang Park to cross the bridge are,Dongjak metro station at Dongjak bridge, Jamsillaru near Jamsillaru bridge or Cheonho near Cheonho bridge.

Also Apgujeuongstation near Dongho bridge and Cheongdam station at Hakdong-ro are possibilities. This is handy especially when having the driving feeling to continue the hike and knowing you don’t have to hike all the way back. Hiking the Banpo Hangang Park also brings you to Dongjak bridge photo island and several other great viewpoints.

After Hiking in the Banpo Hangang Park the bridge was crossed with the metro. Next on the list was Yongsan Park which has the National Museum included in it. The modern sleek design of the National Museum merges smoothly with the design ant art in the Yongsan Park. Also in the park near the museum you will find some places to eat and drink.. Though the Yongsan Park is locked up between the city, the park does express the peaceful and quiet feeling in which you can lose track of time.

The Yongsan Park is equally leveled. Means no hills or high and difficult climbs. This can be an outcome for people that have some difficulty with fluctuating terrain. Nonetheless the experience is fantastic. The different paths you can select brings you to a variation from historic and modern viewpoints. With inside the park several small lakes that you can cross with a plank road bridge. The I-Seoul-U Photo point include. At the Barefoot Park you can take off your shoes and walk over the stones enjoying a deep foot massage.

The different shapes and sizes of the stones are giving you the helping hand. Maybe the most famous piece of art is the huge hand. Suggesting someone has dug into the ground and is making its way out. The Yongsan Park has a free entrance throughout the year. So you can only gain by this experience.. After visiting this park one of the last places to visit for this day was Namsang Park at mount Namsan.

When exiting Yongsan Park near Noksapyeong mrt station you can choose to take the meto or hike to Namsang Park. When going by metro you can exit at Hangangjin station which is only 2 stops from Noksapyeong mrt station. When hiking has your preference you have use the foot bridge at Noksapyeong mrt station to get cross the busy roads. Enter at station entrance 4 or 3 and exit the station at number 2.After that you follow first Noksapyeong-daero and then cross street at Hoenamu-ro.

Following Hoenamu-ro. Will lead you to Namsang Park. The park based on the hill has several entrances. Also Namsang Park is crossed several times by roads.. This park is a very popular tourist attraction, best time to visit is in the more quiet hours. Means early morning or near end of afternoon. The Namsang Park is popular for hiking however also its view across the area. The peak of Namsang mountain is 262 meters high..
Some other attractions here that add to the sensational experiences are the N Seoul Tower that adds another 237 meters altitude to the view. It makes the N Seoul Tower a very popular viewpoint.

In 1925 the Japanese built an important Shinto shrine at the peak of Namsan. The Shrine known as Chosen Jingu was demolished after 1945. Later in 1970 the An Chung-gun Memorial Hall was built on the former site of the Shinto shrine. An Chung-gun was a Korean nationalist and independence activist. The many monumental statues are a memorial about Seoul’s history….

Dinner in Seoul

Spending the time here enriched my knowledge of country and positive experiences of the kind heartened mentality of people. However when you feel you starting to know all of Seoul, then you possibly discover there is so much more to come back for. This counts for all places in this amazing country…

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