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South Korea One day in Surprising Gyeryong

After spending 3 fantastic days in Mokpo, Gyeryong was chosen as the City to halt and visit for a day before traveling to Seoul. Till now Gyeryong is seldom a primairy choice on a tourist activities list. Most tourist travel to the more well-known cities as Seoul and Busan. Still with its easy access to the city, Gyeryong is a nice area to spend a day or two.

Traveling by train to Gyeryong is easy, the Honam Line goes through the Gyeryong Station. The KTX Train from and to Seoul stops at Gyeryong 5 times a day. Gyeryong city is one of the newest cities In South Korea. Exceptions are the newer cities near Seoul. Gyeryong became its own city in 2003, when it broke from Nonsan.

Gyeryong is not the bustling with activity city. However there are several great places in this area to visit or do. The city is divided up in 4 parts separated by mountains. Because of this it is more stretched in length. An advantage is that there is easy access to some very beautiful trekking routes. When trekking without many tourists is something you prefer, then Gyeryong is certainly a place to visit.

Trekking routes here vary from easy to hard. One of the harder or more challenging routes is the path to Mount Cheonmasan. With its height of 287.2 meters it gives an amazing view over the city and local area. This is one of the shorter hikes, other hikes can take a full day for instance the one to the beautiful Sutyongehu (Basin). Trekking routes are many, all around the city. For most it is handy to go to the start point with the bus.

Gyeryong, with its very young existence of being a city, is not a crowded city. Many open areas between the buildings easy to recognize spots and a brand new supermarket. Though most of the buildings are very recent and somewhat the same, Gyeryong still has much charm. Many nice small restaurants to eat 7-11 and coffee shops to eat after a hiking day. This combined with the friendliness of the local people will make you feel relaxed.

Best time to visit Gyeryong is after the winter season or at autumn. During the one full day stay here the trekking went through the city. Starting at the lower 3th part of the city to the part up north. Passing some temple and places of religion and spirit the main high road was crossed. The small city part south from the railway has a market square and the modern style of building.

From here you are close to the start point of the long hike to Musanga with temple and Guksabong. Guksabong is a mountain of Gyeongsangbuk-do and it has an elevation of 728 meters. As there was only 1 day to spend the choice was made to cross the railway to the north of Gyeryong. This part of the city is different from the rest of the city, with nice classic houses small shops.

From here there is an access point to short and middle long trekking routes. The one chooses was one up north towards Sindoan-myoen. Sindoan-myoen is marked as Point of attraction no 6 on the local map. Note that it is located near a military base so inform ahead if you are allowed to visit this spot. The mountain routes have their memorials spots. It is something special you should experience.

Returning from the Sindoan-myoen the main road was chosen. Main reason where the impressive memorials located near the main road. If you take your time to admire the fine details of the monuments, then its hard avoiding feeling impressed by them. Gyeryong city has a different diversity then the other places visited in South Korea.. Though being still young from age the city gives you that same special feeling as this beautiful country offers you any time.

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