East Coast Park

Active and relaxed at Singapore East Coast Park..

East Coast Park in Singapore is located near the Straits of Singapore across the Indonesian island Batam. You find Yourself near the sea and under the trees, or at the beach if you desire… The 15 kilometers long stretched park has lanes for cycling, roller-skating, jogging and walking… Also windsurfing and the kite flying fans spend their time here… Cycles and skates can be rented here… East coast park is fun for youngsters and adults who take good use of this possibility… The trees give me some cover for the strong sun… Here are small places to eat, for me good time for a cool drink…

East Coast Park is a great place to be… Settling myself on the bench under the trees near the sea… Frequently people barbecue here or try to get a tan… For me the beach is a fantastic place just before the sun goes down… Just relax and enjoy the sound of the sea… For an easy day and romantic evening this is a great place…

How to get there??? Mrt to Eunos mrt station then transfer to bus 13 at Sims Ave, exit at bus-stop Marina Parade estate…

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