Burmese Buddhist Temple

Burmese Buddhist Temple, the 10 Tons marble Buddha

White with red and Gold








The Burmese Buddhist temple is small attractive pearl to admire… This temple build by the Myanmar people was on certainly my visit list… Fortunally at that moment they celibrated the waterfestival too… Friendly people here offred some refreshment to me… The 2 large Lions are guarding the temple’s entrance…  As the temple they are pearl white coloured with red and Gold… Straight behind the lions there are the Golden dragons… The temple is beautifully decorated with inside the hall the impressive 10 tons marble statue of Bhuddha… It is made out of one piece marble…

10 tons Marble BuddhaBeautifully decorated








Originally the marble was digged from the Mandalay mountains in Myanmar in 1918… In the province Mandalay the statue is sculptured out of the one piece marble… From Mandalay it has been transported over land and sea to Singapore… The statue arrived in 1921… It would be a skilled task in this time… Can you imagine what incredible task it has been in 1921??? Amazing… It is possible to sit and meditate there let the good merits guide you… Also i went upstairs where there is place to meditate… A small area tells the history of the Temple and this buddha statue… Not to miss outside are the 2 statues of the ladies with the bell… Cling it once for wish good merits to your loved ones…

Burmese Buddhist Temple 14, Tai Gin Road Singapore 327873.

How to get there? Toa Payo Mrt station then bus 139 ,145

The lion on on the left dragon behind

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