South Korea Danyang-gun

South Korea Danyang-gun Activities inside and around the Town

Danyang-gun is modest in its size, however it has enough to offer if culture and hiking in quiet area is what you looking for. Spending several days in Danyang means experiencing Korea at a charming and of the tourist track. There are lots of places to have a delicious lunch or dinner. The local market is appropiate with the size of the town, however it is very nice to visit this location.

In Danyang you be able to manage yourself in English. From Seoul there is a direct train connection with Danyang. The train also travels to Andong and Geyongju. The Train station is located a few kilometers from the town. The bus service to the town is in front of the railwaystation. There are plenty guesthouses to stay too. Some located in Danyang-Gun, Some located outsite the town.

Next to the central bus station in the town you find the Danyang Danuri Aquarium. The Aquarium offers English guide if you need one. the tour is very interesting and fun. Besides the animal species you can admire, the museum itself is informative in a clear and playful way. Impressive how the managed to combine all of this in such an exclusive way.
Opposite from the Danyang Danuri Aquarium entry, you can walk across the bridge in front of you.

When you walk across the bridge you can head up to the Danyang Gosu Cave. It is about a 15 to 20 minute walk. Near the Gosu cave entry you find lots of places to eat and there is a museum you can visit. The ticket for the Gosun cave has a time limit, however they give you a pair of gloves to protect your hands. The cave is very safe with warning signs when there is a possibility you could bump your head.

Uphill you fine the Yangbangsan Observatory Gliding site. From here you can go down by paracute to Danyang town near the riverside. You will be going down by parachute together with a trained expert. Means you be the passenger 🙂 . The organizer can pick you up in Danyang-gun at the windmill located near the riverside where the windmill is located and they transport you up hill towards the observatory. Usually there is an information desk near the riverside where the windmill is located.

North from Danyang there is the Neurimbo Gangmul-Gil Trail. If you walk this Trail you pass the Danyang Dodamsambong Peaks and Seongmun rock.

On south of Danyang-gun you can start the trail on Danyanggang Jando plank road. The plank road is 1.12 Kilometers long. Danyanggang Jando plank road that exits at Mancheonha Skywalk Entrance and Neurimbo Gangmul-gil Trail. At the end of this trail you have the opportunity to visit Suyanggae Light Tunnel and Suyanggae Prehistory Museum

Furter South-east of Danyang you can make a visit to Soseonam Natural Forest. The its possible to hike to Haseonam Rock, Duaksan Mountain 723 Meters high with Seonam Valley. More to the south of Seonam Valley you find Deokjeosan Mountain. If you wish to visit these location, travelling by bus or car is advised as distances are far by foot.
You can take a look on the map below.. enjoy..

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