Reflections at the National Races Village, Yangon Myanmar

At Early in the morning in Yangon is a good time to make your way to the National Races Village. A place which is sedom visited by common forgein tourists.. The area National Races Village is located near Thanlyin Bridge. Thaketa Township. The National races Village in Yangon is a special place as it makes you feel and experience a bit of every state in Myanmar. The content of every state in Myanmar is presented here…

You can learn in one place intensively about customs and traditions of Myanmars national races. Their culture and customs. Arriving by taxi at the National Races Village was a pleasure… In the early morning, traffic density is already high on the roads.. The entrance at the park is impressive, a good preview of what you can expect here… After buying the ticket we enter the park..

Each Myanmar state is represented here by a garden with an appropriate building. Immediately we spot the replica of the Nan Mint tower of Bagan.. Designed with beautiful white and blue windows.. After removing your shoes, which is common here, we make our way to the top.. A nice temperature of 25*C together with a breeze and a great view. It is fantastic to be on top of the tower and enjoy the view.

Inside the houses you can view a piece of the families life and possessions of the for each state.. At most of the houses represented here, it is possible for females to wear a dress of that State.. females get a Shan, Mon, Kachin, Kayah or other Myanmar race looks.. Many locals we meet here are very friendly frequently they request to make photo together. The kindness of the people in Myanmar is their most precious gift.

We pass the elephants white and black feel its a great place to pose for a photo… the direction we take leads us pass the Kachin residence, Ice mountains, Shan estate.. Also all of the other states too ofcourse… The place is truly amazing similar as its entrance.. Well maintained and people keep it accurately clean… It gives great pleasure together with the wonderful people here to walk around here…

Halfway our tour when we stop at the tea stall, a friendly lady is selling Myanmar products. She offers me to drink the delicious Myanmar thee and taste some of the local spices… It feels fantastic and it is a good moment to relax the feet and enjoy this moment of the day… Most of the houses in the National Races Village present sculptures, paintings and other precious items to let you feel the life of each State presented here… Together with all this, it is a fun place to be…

Time for another picture with a family… Makes me feel as a famous movie star… As our trip here in Yangon and the national races village comes to an end.. Time for dinner and head for Lashio the next day to board the train from Lashio to Hsipaw

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