Eat and drink in Singapore

Hungry and thirsty…..

Me eating at the foodcourt








It is really a pleasure to find a place to eat and drink in Singapore… First of all restaurants and foodcourts are seen everywhere… Second the varity of choice is huge… In foodcourds there is large choice of food… Malay-food, Indonesian-food, Vietnamese-food, Thai-food or Myanmar-food everythings is there… Mainly i make choice between chicken or a delicious fishy… Though they serve beef, pork and mutton too… Being here i am eating with sticks again… It is an art to eat with sticks and feels as it should be here… Ofcourse need a spoon to eat the soup…  Forks and spoons are also provided so no worries if you want to avoid eat with sticks…

The Inle Myanmar food restaurant








Restaurants do not have to be expensive… The “Inle” is a fantastic restaurant when you like to try the Maynmar food… Their prices are fair.. They are found near the City-Hall Mrt… Mainly i use the foodcourts… Starting from SG$ 3,- there is a warm meal, with a drink for a dollar you can eat cheap…  Though usually i spend about SG$ 6,- for a dish and drink… Writing this i am getting hungry again…

Where? Foodcourts, everywhere… The Inle,  Peninsula Plaza Outlet, 111 North Bridge Road, #B1-07 (A/B) Peninsula Plaza ,Singapore Click here to view the location

Tasty dish at foodcourt


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