Sakaya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

Sakaya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple
Temple of 1000 lights.

The entrance at Buddha Gaya Temple








Today a day to visit some temples… Singapore has a lot of religious places moskes, churces, temples…. They give much insperation for the mind and spirit… In the area of Little India there are enough differents temples to choose from… We choosed to visit the Sakaya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, because of the huge buddha statue inside the temple… Before entering this temple your shoes have to be taken off as respect for Buddha… Inside it is great to see the temple and the statue makes a big impression… When we asked the staff, they allowed us to make some photo’s… Also we did sit down in front of the statue… After 5 minutes a feeling of inside rest came over us… If you put  a donation  the donation box the bell can be clinged once and you can make a fortunate wish… After ringing the bell you can walk behind the statue and see the tale of buddha told with small statue’s… Halfway  behind the large statue there is an enterence.. This entrance takes you a  few small steps up… They lead you inside the statue… Inside you find another statue of Buddha… It is not allowed to photograph so if you want to see it visit this temple… Be inspired and visit for yourslef… The enterence is free…

Addres: 366 Race Course Road.  Singapore, Farrer Park Mrt

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